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The fantasies of a university student learning to live away from home

After a whole year spent withering away in my bed, consuming books mindlessly just to feel something in the middle of a pandemic, and unconsciously blocking off all thoughts of my future, receiving the acceptance letter to study at one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan jolted me awake…

Writing a character who sounds drab? It doesn’t take much to bring your story to life.

Every writer knows that the character who’s been living in their heads rent-free for years and the character who finally makes it to the page are not one and the same.

Often, we tend to polish them up to such an extent that they no longer appear human. They are…

Often, we’re asked to do impossible things

Medium, like any other platform for writers, is full of writing advice. You need to read ten articles to find one that sounds legit. You need to read another twenty to find one that works for you. Because, often, what worked for the writer may not work for the reader.

The story of an immigrant Muslim woman who changed the world

It was in the spring of her youth that Fatima al-Fihri came to an awful realization: her beloved hometown did not want her there anymore. The city of Qairawan, her birthplace, was chasing her — and a thousand others like her — away with its unbearable taxes.

Fatima al-Fihri (800–880…

These 3 cosmic mysteries have puzzled scientists for decades

From the very beginning of time, the universe has been expanding. The stars and the galaxies and the black holes are accelerating away from each other, while we struggle by in our daily activities, caught up in our mundane problems. …

Forget Newton. You want to know who made revolutionary discoveries and advanced numerous concepts that we know today?

We all know of how Columbus explored the Americas (killing thousands of natives in the process, but that’s another story), of how Newton discovered gravity as an apple fell off a tree, of how Galileo improved the telescope (yes, improved not invented) and discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter.

Yemen is on the verge of extinction. What are we doing?!

War. Famine. Epidemic. Pandemic. Bombs, death, destruction, and in the midst of it all, the monster that carves up your insides and sucks your life little by little, giving you a prolonged, painful death — hunger. Starvation.

Have you seen the devastating photographs of the little Yemeni children, their skin…

Sharika Hafeez

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